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"Until one has loved an animal a part of one's soul remains unawakened." ~~Anatole France

Welcome to KIT KAT ESTATE. We are located in Lucan, ON, Canada.  We raise  adorable Ragdoll kittens  with lots of love and attention in our home . We have 4 children so our animals get plenty of socialization. Our animals are part of our family and are not raised in cages or kennels. We have pet contracts that state all pets must be neutered or spayed unless they are purchased with full breeding rights. We do have no declawing policies on our kittens and cats.  We practise bio sensor on our puppies. All of our kittens are registered with TICA and our puppies are registered with CKC. Please review our site for more information.

Registered vs Unregistered

A registered puppy or kitten is a smarter  investment because our family breeds for a high quality animal.

We do not believe that inbreeding is a responsible practice and our pedigrees help us establish parentage before deciding on a breeding.

Buying a registered puppy or kitten gives you the option of access to its pedigree. Here are some questions that you should ask yourself if you are buying an unregistered animal;

  1. Why would a responsible breeder not invest such a small amount of money to assure that their kitten/puppy has the benefit of being registered? Without a pedigree, a breeder will never know if they are inbreeding or that their kittens/puppies are from a breeding program that is responsible.
  2. What testing has been done to promote a longer life expectancy? What  genetic testing, veterinarian tests and health checkups have been done as a precaution to promote good health?
  3. What assortment of quality foods have the parents and kittens/puppies been fed that would contribute to an overall healthy kitten/puppy? Without being fed high quality foods, your kitten/puppy may not develop a beautiful healthy coat or good muscle necessary to promote an adequate skeletal development. I find the following websites a good base to learn how to read pet foods;  http://www.dogfoodanalysis.com/ , and http://petfoodtalk.com/catfoodreviews/



As responsible breeders we do not recommend early spay and neutering. Our opinion is that early spay and neutering can be problematic when the procedure is done before six or seven months of age. We have discussed this topic with several veterinarians and researchers who have voiced concerns about growth hormones that would normally be produced prior to desexing. There is evidence in some surgically altered kittens and puppies that they lacked proper physical growth and skeletal development which may be contributing factors to arthritic disabilities and the possibility of other serious medical conditions. At this time we feel there is a need for further research to explore whether early spay and neutering is safe for our beautiful babes.